What is the monthly fee?
The cost is $50.00 per month, includes tax.

Is there a referral bonus?
Yes. You get a $5 credit for each referral who becomes a client.

What payment methods are available?
We accept cheques, post-dated cheques, online banking, eTransfer, and cash.

Can I pay in advance?
Yes, by post-dated cheque.

How long is the contract?
There is no contract. Service is month-to-month.

What if I sign-up during the month?
We will pro-rate your first month’s fee.

Where do I get my bin?
We deliver your bin when you sign-up for the service.

What kinds of stuff do you take?
A list is provided on our website.

Do I have to sort it?
No. Just put everything in the bin. We sort it for you.

How often is pick-up?
Pick-ups are once-a-week, regardless of how full your bin is. If it is not out; not a problem.

What day is my pick-up?
Pick-up day depends on your location. A map is provided on our website. For more information contact us at 250-538-7206

When do I put out my bin?
Please have your bin at the curbside before 8:00 am on your pick-up day.

What if I have extra recycling?
It’s $10 extra per bin worth of recycling.

Do you come when it snows?
If it snows, if I don’t come, then put out extra recycling the following week.

Do you work holidays?
Every holiday but Christmas and Boxing Day, put out your recycling for the next business day.